We Ate All the Foods and Drank All the Wine

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Originally posted on The Maine Course:

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Our dear dear friend Jenn Pitt came to visit this week, and the goal was to give her a real Taste of Maine.

She arrived late Thursday evening. It’s a family tradition of sorts to make roast chicken the first night of a visit, and so I did.A Roast Chicken dinner opens its arms to you, it’s comforting, calming and homey, perfect after a day of travel.

I used Jody William’s method in the Buvette Cookbook and it’s mine now… I think letting it sit a room temp for a hour is key, though would make most germaphobes go completely apoplectic. It was fragrant & crispy & juicy.

For starters we had Proscuitto & Peaches and a nice runny Goat Brie from Canada.


I know my pie was spectacular because my husband asked if he could bring it to work, and he never asks.


We decided that the weekend…

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Murderous Spiders, Canapes & Bobby Flay

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I was chased around my kitchen by a spider yesterday, also my husband is deaf to the sound of my voice.

I am trying to make friends with nature. I can handle the birds in the bathroom vent, the several varieties of spider that live in the house as well as omnipresent ravens, seagulls and circling hawks that I know are just waiting to scoop up little Farrah. But this spider, which may or may not have been a brown recluse, the deadliest spider on earth, was trying to get me.

First it dangled over the sink while I was doing some dishes, I shooed it back up to the ceiling … it crawled across the ceiling over to the stove (where I had moved after finishing the dishes) and started rappelling down towards my face, it swung towards me when I tried to take a picture ( I was…

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