Murderous Spiders, Canapes & Bobby Flay

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I was chased around my kitchen by a spider yesterday, also my husband is deaf to the sound of my voice.


This is not the actual spider from my kitchen, but even looking at pictures of spiders freaked me out so this will have to do.

I am trying to make friends with nature. I can handle the birds in the bathroom vent, the several varieties of spider that live in the house as well as omnipresent ravens, seagulls and circling hawks that I know are just waiting to scoop up little Farrah. But this spider, which may or may not have been a brown recluse, the deadliest spider on earth, was trying to get me.

First it dangled over the sink while I was doing some dishes, I shooed it back up to the ceiling … it crawled across the ceiling over to the stove (where I had moved…

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Rainy Days, Shirley Jackson and a Tiny Horse called Win

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Originally posted on The Maine Course:

Day two of Steady RAIN + Sick

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Rain on the Lilacs

Sitting down to breakfast of  Ezekiel Bread with Avocado on one slice & Tahini & Honey on the other, very satisfying getting both savory & sweet without having anything too bad for me. I did burn my toast, but I scraped it.. .and I had a distinct memory of the smell of scraped burnt toast from childhood. I like slightly burnt toast, I like the taste of burnt things. Do you? What do you do when you burn your toast? Does anyone just throw it away??  I mean as long as its edible… is toast one of those things that you just eat no matter what or does it have to be perfect?

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So many things happened since my last post.

So first I had a amazing birthday Dinner at Ports of Italy in Boothbay Harbor, I wish I took pictures but…

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